More random building

As I was sitting around, drinking cheap scotch, contemplating what to build next and where, I realized I could use what would’ve been unused space to hold some book shelves. I certainly won’t be able to keep all my books in the house, but I’ll have room to keep a selection there as needed. I forgot to take pictures of them specifically, but remembered to take pictures after I installed some downlights in them. And also put some ‘mood lights’ on top.


On to the walls and plumbing

I then started on the paneling, doing a bunch of plumbing, building random furniture and installing the tub/shower/beer cooler. I also brought a bathroom vanity from home so I could have a wash basin. I think I spent more time moving all the crap around and around out of the work area than I did actually working.

Master Bedroom Suite

I got my new foam bed in the mail right about the time I started putting up the ceiling. Tongue and groove pine. 8, 10, 12 feet long. What a pain in the…. back. And legs. AND ASS! It’s a hard life wedging 12 foot boards into place and holding them up with your feet while you hammer in the nails. And I installed my lights as well. And flannel sheets! Holy schmokes! Why has no one ever told me about flannel sheets? A wee bit more pleasant than the air mattress and sleeping bag. I started sleeping like a rock.

In an extraordinary burst of energy and motivation I also cut, installed and painted(!) the window and skylight trim.

It is (was) a new year!

I kinda liked the icicles coming off the roof, so I took some pictures of the living and working environment during the cold, cold winter. It was comfy inside though. (My life looks like a Marmot commercial). If I really worked at it, I could get it up to 48 degrees. Perfect temp to work construction! And we had a nice little New Year’s Eve/Michigan State Football Party (W 42-41!!!) too. Smoked oysters and sardines heated up on the Pocket Rocket stove, gin Gibsons, and football. For dinner AND breakfast….

It’s been a while..

…since I’ve posted, and also since I’ve insulated. It was the first time I really drove the full house into a ‘civilized’ town. I drove it to Otsego and back, even in a snow storm, with no problems! I kept looking up at the electrical wires, sure I was going to be on the news for the guy who cut power to the local tavern (tragedy!!!), but I had no reason for concern. I can take this thing anywhere!!


Work and play

Work’s been doggin’ me and doggin’  me, but at least I get to play a little. I spent some time on the beach while I was in Bay City for a week, and this might be the only picture I took from any of the MSU football season (I had a crappy loaner phone while I was waiting for my new iPhone). It was the last home game of the year and the weather was crappy, so it was a boy’s day/night out. We drank a few at HopCat before heading to the 45-3 blowout of Rutgers



I installed my water heater, finally, did a bit of plumbing, and cleaned up the inside of the place in preparation for spray foam insulation…but still waiting to get that done. Ugh.