Amidst all this building (less than I hoped for) I’ve been working (as in, real job like working) for some crazy reason (guilt? obligation?), which was stressful enough, but I also had to deal with the heartbreaking loss of my Audi station wagon… <sob> (Sport Wagon! It’s a Sport Wagon!) It’s been on it’s way out for as long as I’ve owned it, but after sitting around in the weather and being neglected for almost three years(!) it wasn’t up to snuff when I went back to it. The transmission was still continuously stuck in third gear most of the time (which, by the way, is not a reason to not take it on a giant road trip through the White Mountains in the middle of winter! That car caused, and got me out of, a shit-ton of awesome snowy, death-defying adventures in the wilderness. Audi rocks! Even in third gear!). Then the exhaust system fell apart (ask any of my neighbors, or anyone within ten miles of me), and then to top it off: the first time I had to park in a ramp downtown in…twenty years…someone sideswiped my car from front to back, tore down my side view mirror and left brutal black scars all the way from bumper to tailgate. (Don’t park in a ramp!)

Poo IMG_2761

So, I was pushed to finally buckle down, get screwed over by a used car salesman and buy a truck to pull my house.

I frickin’ love this truck!! I can swing in and get lumber at will, I can carry anything I want anywhere I want, and I get about 14 miles to the gallon (ok, that really sucks).