Work and play

Work’s been doggin’ me and doggin’  me, but at least I get to play a little. I spent some time on the beach while I was in Bay City for a week, and this might be the only picture I took from any of the MSU football season (I had a crappy loaner phone while I was waiting for my new iPhone). It was the last home game of the year and the weather was crappy, so it was a boy’s day/night out. We drank a few at HopCat before heading to the 45-3 blowout of Rutgers



I installed my water heater, finally, did a bit of plumbing, and cleaned up the inside of the place in preparation for spray foam insulation…but still waiting to get that done. Ugh.

The Bitch Is Waterproof

I can’t believe these pictures were taken a month and a half ago. I’ve been slackin’ on the blog. (I’ve been ‘working’ working my arse off.) Thanks to pretty good weather at that time, and a bunch of help from Tommy D (who came to help, what, like four days after the birth of his second child), I finally got the fascia, skylight, and steel roof installed! I also suffered the first major(?) injury.

After Tom ‘had’ to leave (like he anything more important to do…pffft!), I laid the port side steel all by my lonesome. As I was test fitting the second-to-last panel, and holding it majestically above my head, I took a step backwards, and placed my foot into the gap between the two picks, which I had intentionally created for my ladder. As I helplessly plunged footlong into the abyss, I had the presence of mind to somehow heave away the panel to prevent it from slicing off my arm, or leg, or noggin before my body slammed into the gap. My right leg was down in the hole, the rest of my body was on top of the picks. I somehow was able to quickly pull myself out and stumble around the house cursing like a Matt Miller, and I was actually ok enough to finish it up, and was so friggin happy that I didn’t have to deal with any tarps anymore!! So awesome!!

I did however crack at least one rib, and hurt my leg pretty bad. It was hard to move, breathe, cough, eat, sneeze and sleep for the next few days, but it only took about a month to feel 90 percent. I’m still in pain when I wake up, but it’s almost healed already. It’s good to be young. Wait….

The battle rages on….

Battling rainsunraincloudshangoverrainwindsunwindheadacherainsunwind, I finished all the siding. ALL the siding. All of it. No more siding. None. All done. Absolutely no more siding. Roof didn’t come, so maybe next week.


Laying Steel…

The roof for the ‘shed’ came in yesterday, so I ran to the store this morning to grab it and started putting it in. Went pretty well considering I’ve never installed a steel roof before. I only made three mistakes. (Don’t tell anyone. I think I can fix them.)

I think I’ll be able to finish the siding tomorrow, and maybe even install my skylight as well. Hopefully the rest of the roof will be here before the weekend.

Twiddling my thumbs…

…and drumming my fingers (WTF? People put it on YouTube? When I do it, people (understandably) tell me to knock it off!!! waiting for my steel roof to come. Menard’s literature says it takes about a week to get yer roof, so I didn’t rush. But when I ordered mine, they told me it would take three weeks! [Heavy sigh]

So I reconstructed my crummy trim job on the port side and installed my water fill and outdoor shower. I’m waiting on the water heater as well….

Plumbing Half-measures

Plumbing Half-measures