Master Bedroom Suite

I got my new foam bed in the mail right about the time I started putting up the ceiling. Tongue and groove pine. 8, 10, 12 feet long. What a pain in the…. back. And legs. AND ASS! It’s a hard life wedging 12 foot boards into place and holding them up with your feet while you hammer in the nails. And I installed my lights as well. And flannel sheets! Holy schmokes! Why has no one ever told me about flannel sheets? A wee bit more pleasant than the air mattress and sleeping bag. I started sleeping like a rock.

In an extraordinary burst of energy and motivation I also cut, installed and painted(!) the window and skylight trim.

It is (was) a new year!

I kinda liked the icicles coming off the roof, so I took some pictures of the living and working environment during the cold, cold winter. It was comfy inside though. (My life looks like a Marmot commercial). If I really worked at it, I could get it up to 48 degrees. Perfect temp to work construction! And we had a nice little New Year’s Eve/Michigan State Football Party (W 42-41!!!) too. Smoked oysters and sardines heated up on the Pocket Rocket stove, gin Gibsons, and football. For dinner AND breakfast….

Playing catch-up…

…on everything. I’m getting so close to finishing the house that I’ve been feverishly dedicating spans of days (usually based on the usually incorrect weather forecast) to either working on the house, working on ‘work’, or working on all the other crappy things everyone has to do to maintain a normal(?) life. Ugh. Posting on the blog has taken a back seat to the need to collapse on the couch in anticipation of inexplicably waking at 6:30 or 7 a.m. (I hate 7 a.m.) But here are a few updates, starting from the turn of the year (holy crap! It’s been that long?). More are on the way.