And then…

…I also finally got my bathtub/shower/washing machine. I thought I was going to have to order one online, when I happened to drive by the farm supply store that I didn’t know was there, and saw the perfect size trough, I mean shower, sitting out almost buried in a giant snow bank. After I and one of the guys who works there spent an hour digging it out and unfreezing it from the pavement, we realized it had been full of water when it froze. So, we had to sleigh ride it on a snow shovel to the door, then put it on a flatbed cart, then heave it up into the bed of my truck. Triumph!

I was so anxious to get it into the house that I put the jet-fuel heater to work at a new task. It took almost an hour and a half, but I finally got the 80 pound ice block out, and got the beast into the house.

Heat, heat, and more heat...


Ice, ice, and more ice...

And ice.

Just a shower...

Just a shower…

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